What makes us different? 

WorldWide Experience

With customers all over the world, we have lots of experience to help your small business be more visible in your market.

We Manage Your Website

We manage your website for you.  No hidden costs – it’s all included in the price. We have extensive experience in all of the major CMS’s and e-commerce platforms.

Our Commitment

We are committed to our customers and their success, and we think that’s worth more than an empty promise or fake guarantee.

Learn More About What Makes Pear Different
  • “Once we started working with Pear, everything started to improve.”

    Vid Luther CEO, ZippyKid.com

  • “Sales definitely picked up in the first month.”

    Reagan Williamson Co Founder, South Texas Saddlery

  • “These guys are the real deal.”

    David Hauser CTO, Grasshopper Group

  • “I'm really impressed with the cost per signup we're getting right now.”

    Dirk Elmendorf CTO, TruckingOffice.com

  • “Just the kind of expertise and service I was looking for”

    Jerome Serot CEO, Smart eHotels

Create Your Custom Marketing Mix

Step 1: Build awareness through paid search
Select Your Billing Plan:
Save 10%12 Month
Save 30%24 Month
PPC Plans

Quickly build customer awareness of your website.

Small Add to Cart Medium Add to Cart Large Add to Cart
Price Per Month $400 $800 $1,200
Setup Fees (one-time) $910 $910 $910
Ad Groups or Placements Managed 4 8 12
Suggested Ad Spend $15-30/day
Pros: Get seen immediately (no waiting like SEO), manage your budget, ROAS and Cost Per Lead
Cons: No spend, no leads.
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Step 2: Build Awareness Through Organic Search
SEO Plans

Build awareness to your site long-term.

Beginner Add to Cart Plus Add to Cart Pro Add to Cart
Price Per Month $865 $1,500 $2,395
Setup Fees (one-time) $1,185 $1,185 $1,185
Best For Startups, Small Local Business, Low Competition, Niche Markets Regional Business, Medium Competition (Tech, Retail) National Business, High Competition (Lawyers, Real Estate)
Typical Results ~12 Months, Page 1 of Google for 3-8 Keywords, Traffic Increase 50% ~9 Months, Page 1 of Google for 6-15 Keywords, Traffic Increase 100% ~ 6-9 Months, Page 1 of Google for 15-25 Keywords, Traffic Increase +200%
Pros: Lower cost per lead over time, rankings stay relatively intact once achieved.
Cons: Have to be patient.
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Step 3: Enhance Engagement With Visitors
Engagement Plans
Complement your core awareness plans by adding several of these
engagement plans to help with lead generation.
  • Advanced Analytics

    Pear can help you understand why visitors aren’t converting and identify areas of your website that could boost conversion rates by using a variety of tools such as heatmaps, surveys and advanced analytics tools.


    We can help you understand your funnel before you put more traffic into it.


    Plus a setup fee of $275

    Add to Cart
  • Quarterly Email Newsletter

    Pear will write and develop your quarterly email communication to subscribers as a way to nurture contacts into leads.


    Email marketing still has a 44 to 1 return on investment.


    Plus a setup fee of $910

    Add to Cart
  • Monthly Email Newsletters

    This is a great add-on for any direct response campaign that will help capture “soft” conversions where contacts can be nurtured into qualified leads.


    77% of consumers prefer to receive communication through email.


    Plus a setup fee of $910

    Add to Cart
  • Call Tracking

    Monitor the ROI of your PPC Campaigns by tracking the calls that are generated
    and forwarding to your main business line. Record calls for sales training purposes, and get an email each time a call comes in.


    30% of your conversions could be coming from calls you aren’t tracking.


    No Onboarding Fee

    Add to Cart
  • Ad Retargeting

    If a visitor comes to your website and they do not convert, we cookie them. When they visit other websites around the Internet they see your ads luring them back to make the purchase or convert.


    Retargeting can make your PPC campaign up to 300% more effective.


    Onboarding fee of $620

    Add to Cart
  • Conversion Testing

    This is the perfect add-on for any PPC campaign that will run separate landing pages. Our system can easily test a variety of messages, images and more and direct the traffic equally to each version to measure the conversion rate of different pages.


    Continuous testing can increase conversion rates by 200% or more.


    No Onboarding Fee

    Add to Cart

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What You Need To Get Started?

Try our free website analyzer, or get this customized Internet Marketing Assessment Report for only $199!

  • Keyword Rankings
  • Overall Domain Trust & Authority
  • Potential Missed Traffic
  • Inbound Link Assessment
  • Your Competitors’ Most Valuable Link Sources
  • What Marketing Tools Your Competitors Use
  • Social Media Visibility
  • Mobile-Friendliness
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Assessment

Note: These reports are not automated. They are created by one of our trained analysts and generally take 2-3 business days to process.
(Pear Analytics reviews each request individually and reserves the right to deny any request at our discretion.)

  • Must begin with http://
  • We will never sell your email address to any 3rd party or send you nasty spam. Promise.

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