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  • Why Keyword Relevancy is Important

    Keyword relevancy refers to how relevant, or important, certain keywords or phrases are to each page of your website.  Search engines use keyword relevancy to determine what your page is about, and that is in part what they will use to determine what keywords you will rank for when doing a search.

    When optimizing your website for keyword relevancy, it is usually best to only target a few keywords on an individual page basis.  That means that your home page should target different words or phrases than an interior product or service page.

    If you try to target too many words, the search engine will have a difficult time trying to determine what the page is about.  If you don’t properly target the right words based on the content of the page, you could be missing out on ranking opportunities.

    When starting out, try to target words that get lower to moderate search volumes.  There are several tools which you can use for keyword research in finding the proper targets.

    When optimizing your pages for keyword relevancy, it is usually not necessary to over-emphasize your company name, or sometimes product names since you can usually rank for those fairly easily.

    It is important where the keyword is on the page when optimizing for keyword relevancy.  Here are the places that SiteJuice looks for the word in order to score your keyword based on relevancy:

    1. URL
    2. H1 tag
    3. Meta description
    4. Title tag
    5. Body content
    6. Bold or italicized
    7. Alt tags or image filenames

    If we find the keywords you are trying to rank for in these areas, you will receive a higher relevancy score, and increase your chances of ranking for the word(s) in a search result.  This is one of the ways we perform what’s called “on-page optimization” in SEO terminology.



  • Keyword Research Tools: Which one should you use?

    Keyword research is one of the most important steps for good SEO of your site.  First let’s start with understanding what keyword research is. Essentially keyword research is understanding which keywords you want to target (for each page in your site) and which search terms you want to be found for on search engines.For example if you are a php consultant in California you probably want to be found for the terms ‘php consultant’ and ‘php consultant California’.

    So why use a keyword research tool in the first place? A keyword research tool will give you more information about the words you want to target and also ideas of which words you could target. So assuming you are a php consultant then the keyword tool will tell you how many times people search for the keyword you want to be found for. For example the term ‘php consultant’ gets 590 searches a month approximately. This way you don’t target terms which have very low search volumes.

    Typically comparing numbers between keyword research tools is similar to comparing numbers between different analytics tools. There will always be a frustrating difference. When comparing different keyword tools, there is usually a minimum difference between numbers in the range of 10-30%.

    For example, lets compare numbers for the keyword ‘buy domain‘ in three of the most popular keyword tools:

    1. Google Search Based Keyword Tool shows monthly volume as 8200

    2. Google Adwords External Keyword Tool shows a 6600 monthly volume for the same keyword.

    3. Keyword Spy shows a monthly search volume of 135,000! This huge difference is probably because they are showing ‘broad search’ numbers as opposed to the exact search numbers.

    So what should you do? Here are my recommendations:




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