• Sarah LaFleur

    Chief Imagination Officer

    Sarah joined the Pear team in 2011, utilizing her background in management, customer service, and social media to take on a range of roles, including Link Building Team Manager, Social Media Expert, and most recently, WordPress Migrations Specialist. She loves combining the power of project management tools with individual creativity to develop unique processes. Always on the lookout for new tools and creative opportunities, Sarah provides the drive and direction that Pear’s clients have come to expect from a company that keeps them on the leading edge of SEO.

  • Melissa Saylor

    Idea Specialist

    Melissa graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2002.  In 2011, she joined Pear’s team with a position that perfectly complemented her Advertising & Public Relations degree—helping to expand and solidify clients’ online presence.  While consuming massive amounts of energy drinks in the wee hours of the night, she retains a focused responsibility towards client satisfaction.

  • Patrick Garrett

    Outreach Specialist

    Patrick graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2004 and spent several years utilizing his photography and journalism degree by working in the mortgage and banking fields, focusing on customers’ needs and sales. It wasn’t until after years of freelance commercial & private photography and miscellaneous blogging that he landed a permanent home with Pear in late 2012. Here at Pear, he has excelled in a multitude of client management tasks, including branding, link building, and communication development. He holds that his versatility and ability to adapt quickly have led him to continue learning and helping the Pear team advance.

  • Kristen Classen

    Onboarding Specialist

    Kristen joined Pear’s team in 2013, on April Fools Day no less, though she was no fool to think her skills in marketing wouldn’t be put to good use. With a degree in Marketing and minors in Studio Art and Anthropology from Trinity University, she helps to coordinate new clients with all the information they need to make a smooth transition into the SEO world by acting as a liaison between the client and the production team in the beginning of the campaign. As a point of contact, she helps to get answers, coordinate schedules and provide direction.

  • Megan Haley

    Article Queen

    Megan is Pear’s Copywriting Manager and PPC analyst-in-training. She joined Pear early in 2010 after graduating from St. Mary’s University with a BBA in Marketing. Megan is responsible for overseeing the writing team, developing roadmaps, setting up and maintaining PPC accounts, and any analyst work she can get her hands on. Interests: organization, reporting, and shiny things.

  • David Pace


    David graduated from Texas Tech University in 2012 with a degree in Advertising. While at Tech, David played on the Men’s Varsity Tennis Team which contributes to his constant ping pong competition with Cahill in the office. David started out at Pear as an intern creating landing pages and doing various other web and code based tasks.  He was also trained in page optimizations by Cahill which he has since taken over. David is also Google Analytics Certified.

  • Ryan Cahill

    Optimization Master

    Ryan graduated from Trinity University in 2011 with degrees in Marketing and Finance. He came to Pear Analytics as an intern and conducted experiments testing Google Analytics and Adwords results. As an Analyst, he manages clients’ page optimizations and conversion rate experiments while also dominating the San Antonio office in Ping Pong.

  • Lisa Totino

    Opportunity Agent

    Lisa, a graduate of Trinity University, joined the Pear team in early 2011 and immediately took on the role of monitoring, controlling, and reporting all things data. She has shaped the analytics department and has had a major hand in developing and designing several of the current report formats. Lisa is responsible for analyzing clients’ current online marketing campaigns and identifying opportunities to increase sales and web presence.

  • Tommy McNish

    Director of Sales & Business Development

    As the Director of Sales and Business Development, Tommy is tasked with driving Pear’s sales and marketing initiatives, as well as managing the company’s strategic alliances.  Prior to joining the Pear team, Tommy founded an independent consulting firm, Level-Up Consulting, where he helped numerous tech-based startups develop the infrastructure to support a sales team, formulate a comprehensive sales plan, determine their go-to-market strategy and recruit and hire sales personnel that best fit their company culture.  Prior to Level-Up, Tommy spent seven years at Rackspace Hosting, where he managed the sales relationships with many of Rackspace’s largest clients.

    Tommy received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2000.

  • Ruth Whitenton

    Partner & COO

    Ruth started her career serving clients around the world as a consultant with McKinsey & Co. While at McKinsey, she got bitten by the internet start-up bug. In 2001, she joined a little technology company in San Antonio, Texas called Rackspace Hosting. She spent 9 years at Rackspace, gaining experience in all aspects of the business from strategy to sales and marketing, from product management to operations and service. From this experience working with the small and medium business customers of Rackspace, Ruth saw firsthand that a lack of marketing was one of the most common reasons that new businesses failed. Often, companies had a great product or software, but were not able to find enough clients to keep the business going. This observation was the start of a growing interest in marketing services for small businesses. At the same time, demographic and technology trends make the internet the most attractive channel for marketing.

    Ruth has a B.A. in Economics and Plan II, as well as an MBA from the University of Texas.

  • Ryan Kelly

    Founder & CEO

    Ryan has been doing web marketing since 2003, when Google was only 5 years old and not a publicly traded company yet, and things like Twitter and Facebook didn’t even exist. He started Pear Analytics in 2008 to help businesses measure their marketing results using advanced analytics techniques, and help drive more traffic to their websites.

    That evolved into software development and the creation of the website analyzer tool, which has been run over 1 million times since its launch in 2009.

    Pivoting continued into 2010 and 2011 when the company released a unique services model, where customers could buy Internet marketing services a la carte from the website. The initial model was “$1 per fix”, but that quickly fizzled out when he learned the company couldn’t make any money that way.

    Ryan is always looking for new and innovative ways to deliver the web marketing services small businesses need, and with a constantly evolving industry, the team at Pear keeps their customers up to speed.

    Ryan graduated from the University of Massachusetts–Amherst in 1998 with a degree in mechanical engineering. After school, he spent nearly 5 years in the aerospace industry doing jet engine design and manufacturing, earning a U.S. Patent for his innovations in 2002. In 2004, he earned his MBA in Marketing from the University of Phoenix.

    He has spoken at several conferences in New York, Chicago, Portland, Vancouver and other cities about search marketing.


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